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Lincs Filmmaker

Between September 2010 and April 2011 Sara joined forces with children and young people specialist Meena Jeewa and professional filmmaker James Mair to create short films to form a young person’s guide to Lincolnshire Museums. The aim of the project was to help museum staff make their site more young people friendly by improving their provision for youth audiences and help the sustainability of the volunteer workforce at the sites.

The team recruited 70 children and young people from across the county, from a range of backgrounds, and worked with them to create films in response to objects to the museums collections. The films can be viewed on Youtube:
The project surpassed everyone’s expectations due to the sheer number of young people engaged and more importantly the meaningful involvement, skills development those young people experienced. Museum staff confirmed that the project injected new energy into the museum and staff members and built confidence to engage with young people.

“The knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and above all passion that Sara and Meena brought was THE single factor that made our young people’s film-making project such a resounding success. Their skills in partnership-building and networking meant that a large number of young people’s groups were brought into the project very quickly, far exceeding our expectations. The way in which they worked with the young people, empowering them to develop their own ideas whilst enabling them to learn technical skills was extremely skilful and is evidenced by the extremely high quality films. Nothing was too much trouble and they have gone way beyond what was expected of the contract. It was an absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with them both. Rarely have I had so much fun at work!”

Hannah Gould, Museums Development Officer (Lincolnshire)