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Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park – Citizenship facilitated learning session and resources (2007)

Sara worked with Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, to develop resources based on the impact of global conflict. Aimed at Key Stage 3 the resources explore themes including the impact and legacy of conflict. The resources support teachers covering topical issues that can be challenging to embed into the curriculum such as refugees, diversity and globalisation and encourage reflective responses to personal testimonies to make the topics more relevant to pupils.

Sara also produced cross curricular activities to be used before, during and after a visit to the Battlefield Country Park. The activities can be viewed at

The documents for the web look great. The amount of work that Sara did for this project has been amazing – Bosworth has got far more work for this than I was expecting, so thank you for everything that you’ve done. I’ll know who to ask next time I have work to do!”

Kath Perry, Lifelong Learning Manager, Leicestershire County Council's Environment and Heritage Services